A Temple

My Dear Miss Bennett:
I was 21 years old the very first time my body experienced fully what it was made to do…have a baby…and I was too young to even grasp but a smidge of what an honor it is.
Our bodies are designed by the heavenly Father and are perfect! An orchestra performing a second by second never-ending symphony as we move through this world oh-so-seemingly effortlessly. Even the stars that take center stage – our hearts, brains, lungs – don’t really get any direct credit, unless something goes wrong and then right again.
The fact that women even get pregnant is a miracle in and of itself. Did you know that, my little Miss Bennett? It’s true! Our bodies start attacking the sperm the moment it enters us. That fact alone should be the sole reason for zero depression. You won! You were the fastest and strongest swimmer! Yay you! What a trophy you have – life!!
Yes, we all have troubles, but look at what half…just half of you went through, fought through, and survived just to get here! Amazing!
So, I want you to at least look at your body from that perspective, because until you are a mother – either by nature or by nurture – you just won’t get how awesome we humans are.
But – you need to GET IT! So many of us need to get it!
When our cars are broke – we fix them, and we make sure to take care of them so they don’t break again. When our computers are slugglish we take steps to make them run faster and better. When our electricity goes out – we pay the bill. WE take care of our surroundings. We are careful with them, and for the most part we keep them in good working condition.
A lot of us don’t do that with our own bodies. You are off to a great start, though, I will say that! You love water and refuse to drink Pepsi – no matter how much I do! (You could work on your vegetable consumption, however.)

But, for most of us adults – and teenagers – we don’t watch what we put into our bodies. We are careless with what we let our eyes witness. We don’t censor what our mouths say near enough. We are willy nilly with where we let our feet take us. We smoke carcinogens or herbs that melt our minds, we soak our organs in alcohol, we consume sugar like it was water. We have over-flowing cupboards, yet complain there is nothing to eat.

By exercising, eating healthy daily, and not putting drugs or alcohol into your body you are laying the foundation for a life-long healthy body. By watching what you say and how you say it, by watching what you watch on television, your computer, and the internet, by being very selective as to the type of music you listen to – you are laying the foundation for life-long emotional and mental health. This is so important, not only because of all the body and brain functions that benefit from it, but also because you will have a healthy slate to start with should anything bad creep into your cells and start a biological war inside you. If your body is healthy, your mind clear and free from toxins of all kinds (even too much sugar), then you will have a great chance at winning.

Oh, my dearest Elizabeth, you have a tough job ahead of you. With the technology we have these days, you are going to have so much thrown at you, from every angle. My advice to you, sweet one, is to treat your body like a temple; the guard at the gate to your soul.

Your body and soul are magnificent creations from God and you will live a long, healthy, happy, blessed life if you are thoughtful about what you put into it, what you let your eyes witness, what you let your hands touch, and where you let your feet go.

Take special care because the decisions you make now at the beginning DO affect your life throughout the journey. DO worry about it now. DO take care of yourself, please. It took God and myself 9 months to make you and you are more amazing, my dear Miss Bennett, than words can say. You are worthy of healthy treatment from yourself.

Do this, my dearest, and you will soar!

I love you more than words can say –

Love, Mom


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