True Love

My dear Elizabeth,
You, my dear, have started the second grade. Unfortunately, you started this year with a very heavy, sad heart. The boy you have loved since the first day of kindergarten no longer goes to your school, and we do not know yet if he has returned with his family to Mexico, or if he is still in the area.
You have written a beautiful song about your love for Joseph, and the loss you are experiencing. A Taylor Swift worthy song, I might add. You wonder where he is and if he is all right. You wonder whether he has new friends and if he gets along with them as well as he got along with you. But, most of all, you wonder if he has found a new love. Joseph had proclaimed his love to you, as much as you did for him. This is something you really only shared with me, however, as your father was not ready to hear such secrets yet.
I only know personally of two couples who met in school, started dating in school, and are still together to this day. I am not sure if they were in love going as far back as kindergarten, though. But, the likely-hood of you falling in love in kindergarten and that being the love that lasts a lifetime for you being minimal – you don’t care. So, I don’t try to convince you otherwise.
You see, love is a wonderful and mysterious thing. There were many that had reasons to be skeptical of my love for your father. But, I had to come to peace with the fact that while I may be disappointing many in following my heart, it was something that I had to do, no matter what. For me, your dad makes everything better. Food tastes better once he gets his hands on it. Outings are so much more fun with your father along. Every holiday is exciting. Cleaning house is fun with him. Sitting on the couch watching a movie is better with him just sitting next to me. My life is blessed beyond words because I married your father and didn’t listen to what everyone else thought.
My first marriage was – and there is no exaggeration here – hell every single day. I am still baffled – no longer mad, mind you, but baffled – as to why he even married me. The daily abuse was horrendous.
And then I married your dad. Your dad – who decides to laugh it off in a tickle fight when I laugh so hard that I cough, and then pee on him. Yep, that’s happened. He didn’t throw me off of him. He didn’t get mad. He laughed right along with me. As well he should because my laughter/sneezing/running incontinence is mostly his fault, bearing four of his children and all.
I am proud of you for learning at such a young age to brush off the nay-sayers and believe what you choose to believe if that is what makes your heart happy. Because you have a beautiful heart. And Joseph will be blessed if he decides to wait and be a part of it.
I love you so much, Elizabeth and you make me proud every single day to be your mom. I am honored.
Love, Mom


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