Moving Day   Moving day, Jan 28th, 2016!

My dear Miss Bennett,

A lot has happened since the last time I wrote to you. I have found a new position at a new company in a new state! While it’s all very exciting there were some hurdles to overcome.

You and your little brothers knew that we would be moving closer to my side of the family, you were all a bit scared and sad with the thought of leaving the only school you have known and your friends you have become so close to.

Your father and I were a bit sad and scared as well. After all I had spent the last 13 years in Arkansas. I met your father there. I had you and your little brothers there. We built a life there.  It was time to leave, though. I desperately needed a change of pace in my career and your father needed something different also.

I miss my work sisters. (Another letter will tackle this one) I miss my Monday morning chats with Miss Elizabeth (Cassi) and Miss Cathy (Fleak) about the Bachelor – or Bachelorette. I miss talking with Miss Jennifer (Braunns) and Miss Elizabeth about really everything from husbands, kids, and how raising both can be difficult! I miss talking to Miss Christina (Andrews) about how to juggle grad school, motherhood, and a career – the struggle is real and she totally gets it!

You know what else I miss? Super warm weather in February. I miss that a lot. Four days after we moved in the largest blizzard of the season – so I am told – hit Nebraska, and about a million other states, too. We had to run out and buy you littles snow pants, thick winter coats, and water proof boots. I haven’t had to buy that type of clothing for any of my kids in well over a decade.

I miss this trails in Arkansas. And the atmosphere at a Walmart Saturday morning meeting – not to mention the celebrities we got to see!

I miss your Grandpa and Grandma Blickenstaff a lot. And your 3 older brothers. It was very difficult to leave them.

Even though there are things that we miss and there was a lot of persuading going on that this was the right move for us – we are now on the other side. We have a house that has room enough for all of us, including the big boys. We live in a great neighborhood that is super close to your school. We also live really close to your aunts, uncles, and cousins – which has already been super fun!

And I am working at a great company with an awesome boss. A place where I have met strong, intelligent, and funny women who I know will become great work sisters one day. (not that they could ever replace the ones I already have)

Your aunts and I keep asking ourselves if this is really real! Do we really get to hang out and I don’t have a 6 hour drive back home afterward? When our car breaks down in another state (which happened when we had to go back to AR in Feb) we had loads of family to watch you guys for the whole entire weekend! (And we had Grandma Blickenstaff to tote and haul us around AR and then up to NE for an entire weekend!)

My point is, my dearest, that even talking about change can be hard. Coming to accept the needed change can be even harder. But, with a lot of communication, a huge amount of love and understanding, and some hand holding, I was able to persuade your father…..uh….I mean you littles that moving to Nebraska ‘The Good Life’ was indeed the best decision for our family.

Next time I will write to you about the changes you have experienced like no school uniforms  and how you are handling having your very own room!(again)

I love you, miss Elizabeth. I am honored to be your mom!



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