My name is Andy. I am a mom of 7, and only one is a girl. I named her Elizabeth after my favorite character of all time: Elizabeth Bennett, from Pride and Prejudice.

If you don’t know who Elizabeth Bennett is, then I highly recommend you read Jane Austen’s famous novel. With it being the original Rom Com, you won’t be disappointed.

What I wish for my Miss Bennett is that she is courageous, confident, and loving. I will absolutely do my part to make sure she understands as much as she can about growing up, tough decisions she could encounter, different types of people in this world, and how true, kind character and belief in yourself can take you places you have only dreamed of.

While I plan on doing my part for as long as I can, I have only recently(in the last year or so) found out that I don’t have long to live. In fact, any day now I could expire. Apparently, my sweet Elizabeth and one of her younger brothers, Logan, believe that I don’t have long to live. They believe this with all of their hearts and will actually break down crying a few times a week over the thought, even though I have NOT been diagnosed with any disease and no doctor has told me that I don’t have very long to live.

I started really thinking about it. Maybe they know something I don’t. What if I were to suddenly exit this world and I haven’t had the chance to teach her all that I need to? My boys will always know that I love them. Their fathers, because I have been married twice, are both loving, capable men who will teach their sons how to be men.

Elizabeth, though, will have lost me. She will have grandmothers and aunts her will step in, but I have had experiences that these wonderful women haven’t. Experiences I NEED to share with her. Views on society, family, and good character qualities.

And while I can’t claim to be good at a lot of things, I am a good mom. I don’t always make the right decision, however 97% of the time I am right. So, I thought that I would make these available to anyone out there who might have a tough time talking to their kids about topics like sex, drugs, education, work ethic, expectations, etc.

My little opinion is just one in a sea of millions, but for my daughter, it’s a pretty important one.

Read if you’d like, share thoughts and stories if you are willing, and hopefully I will be around for another 50 years to tell these stories to my daughter face to face.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Enjoy!


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